More Photos Taken from VIA Rail’s Train #1

(Click on the photos to enlarge.)

 The Canadian normally spends 90 minutes or so in Jasper, unloading trash, restocking the dining car as may be needed, and washing the windows in anticipation of the spectacular scenery to come as the train heads deeper into the Canadian Rockies. Today, however, because we’re making up time from the late start we got in Toronto, we’re only here for 45 minutes and the window washing is skipped. Our train is at the right; that’s a spare locomotive to the left … just in case.

 Jasper is an interesting town. Not very big, but a great jump-off point for those who might want to rent a car here, spend a few days touring the area, then continue the rail journey on to Vancouver when the next train comes through. Or, better yet, catch the Skeena from here to Prince George and Prince Rupert.

 Lots of wildlife around here. Passengers have reported seeing moose, deer, caribou and even a bear. This is a lucky shot of some Bighorn sheep … just got a glimpse of them and snapped as we rolled by without much hope of catching them. Note that they are completely unconcerned and continue grazing as our stainless steel monster rumbles by.

The mountains here are quite unlike the Rockies you cross in Amtrak’s California Zephyr. They seem more rugged somehow. And there’s more snow up there that lasts longer. But they are certainly impressive, especially from a seat up in one of the Canadian’s four dome cars. 

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