All Aboard: The Complete North American Train Travel Guide

"All Aboard by Jim Loomis . . . is the definitive book on train travel in North America."

Dave's Travel Corner

From reviews of previous editions:

This guide covers everything from booking a trip to the various routes available to on-board etiquette.
– Boston Globe

Quite a few guidebooks to train travel in the Americas jostle for the reader's attention, but these days the freshest, most comprehensive and, frankly, the best is . . . Jim Loomis' All Aboard: The Complete North American Train Travel Guide . . . Loomis has won a reputation for being uncommonly honest and upfront about the annoyances and pitfalls of this old – some would say antiquated – mode of travel. Yet he is also generous and encouraging about its considerable joys.
– Henry Kisor,

A plethora of information . . . a primer on railroading itself.
– International Railway Traveler

A down-to-tacks how-to book that describes in detail just about everything you need to know to take a train trip in the United States and Canada.
– Honolulu Advertiser

This comprehensive guide will assist the traveler in planning an excursion and executing it with minimum effort and maximum pleasure.
– Library Journal

Not only will ...this useful guide help you plan a trip, but it also will tell you such fascinating tidbits as why a train that’s late can still be considered on time. (Answer: Amtrak uses a “tolerance chart” based on trip length that sets grace periods.)
Dallas Morning News

Crammed with excellent ideas for booking, preparing for and enjoying your next rail journey.
Railfan & Railroad

This easy-to-read, lively book would make an excellent gift.
– Passenger Train Journal