“Lucky We Live Hawaii.”

I’ve heard that phrase off and on over the years. I’ve said it myself, too. Of course, I still feel that way, even with all the tropical storms and hurricanes these days. We’ve already had a couple of near misses and, at the moment, we’re awaiting a visit from Hurricane Ignacio. But stay tuned because Hurricane Jemina is coming along behind Ignacio and it looks like yet another storm is developing behind her! Really … this is getting old.
The Pacific Ocean is huge and these islands are tiny specks in the middle of all that vastness, so about all we can do is hope those storms just go on about their business and don’t notice us. In the past, and I mean over a number of decades, there have been tropical storms and hurricanes out here, but one or two a year and they have always, with a couple of unforgettable exceptions, passed south of these islands. So, to us laypersons, it does seem as though there has been a change, and not for the better: more storms and they’re crossing the Pacific farther north than in past years. That means they’re more likely to come close to us . . . and the uncomfortable fact is, we’ve got no place to go, nowhere to hide.
Even when the storms just brush by us, the very first thing that happens is we lose power. That’s a given and everyone plans for it. Our son-in-law, Pete, has been here this morning working on our portable generator. There seems to be something wrong with the gas flow; it fires up, runs for 4-5 seconds, then dies. But if anyone can get it figured out, Pete can.
Outside of getting the jenny running and/or making sure we have plenty of batteries and enough food, there’s really nothing more we can do, of course. Just hunker down and hope that Ignacio and Jemina overlook us and keep on movin’ on. I think they will. After all, lucky we live Hawaii.