One Down, One (We Hope) to Go.

As I write this, we’re supposed to being getting the effects of Hurricane Ignacio, which is supposedly passing a few hundred miles due north of us. And I’m feeling . . . well . . . nothing. There’s no wind; there’s no rain. There’s only the humidity. Oh, yeah … and the mosquitos. Both are unusual because for literally 350 or so days a year, the northeast trade winds blow here, taking the humidity and the mosquitos with them.
It’s quite true that in most areas here in Hawaii, the weather is benign most of the time. I think, for reasons of terrain mostly, that’s true of Oahu more than any of the other islands.
Me? I don’t have a problem with day after day of beautiful weather, but there are some people — mainland transplants, of course — who really miss an occasional day of really unpleasant conditions–rain or snow or who-knows-what-all.
I remember passing a colleague in a corridor outside my office one summer day in Honolulu years ago.
“Good morning, Lou”, I said. “How are you?”
“Not bad,” he growled, “considering it’s another one of these goddam beautiful days.”
At this particular moment, however, I’m happy having to put up with the stillness and the humidity and a few mosquitos, considering what could easily have been the alternative had Ignacio decided to track 100 or so miles to the south of its actual path.
That leaves Hurricane Jemina. And if it’s true that there’s another one coming along after her, I don’t want to hear about it. Not yet.