Civil War Vets Protest Rail Project??

OK, this has got to be close to the ultimate when it comes to the lengths to which people will go to protest and obstruct the California high-speed rail project. At least it’s at the opposite end of the spectrum from the crude and vulgar sign erected by cretans in the same area and which I wrote about here a few days ago.
This latest incident occurred in Acton, California, a town of some 7500 people located in the Antelope Valley about 50 miles north of metropolitan Los Angeles. More to the point, California’s high-speed train will be going through Acton.
Recently, an old cemetery was uncovered smack in the path of the rail line. There are a lot of old tombstones, several of which supposedly mark the graves of Civil War veterans. This discovery raises all kinds of issues, of course. Is this an historical site? Will the train have to go around it? Can the graves be moved? And if so, to where and who’s going to pay for that?
Property owner Dale Bybee says he was clearing brush and uncovered the old headstones, but—Hold on!—other people in town said they had never been aware of a cemetery on that piece of property. And then someone did a search using the Google Earth satellite and found no sign of the cemetery. Apparently, it isn’t all that old — just a few weeks old in that location, in fact.
All of which prompted property owner Bybee to start referring to the corpse-less site as a “visual statement” in opposition to the high-speed rail project. The tombstones, it turns out, came from a museum which had collected them years earlier from an abandoned cemetery.
As for Dale Bybee, I’ll admit he’s shown some originality and he gets points for not being threatening or profane. But that’s all you can say for the guy. He still says the project is a waste of money and claims it will never be built. Better a six-lane freeway, Dale? It’ll be one or the other.