More Photos: Canada-Buffalo-Colorado

Snow in vestibule

When we passed through vestibules between cars on VIA’s train #2, we hoped for a smooth moment. Otherwise we had to grab onto a freezing hand rail!

Niagara River Border
Amtrak’s Maple Leaf crosses from Canada into the U.S. on a bridge over the Niagara River. No need for a 20-foot wall here!
Buffalo boardingDue into Buffalo at midnight, we finally board the westbound Lake Shore Limited at 11:30 a.m. Bitter cold, a broken rail, several frozen switches and lots of freight traffic were the multiple reasons.
Good engine shotTwo hours out of Denver, the California Zephyr started into a series of canyons en route to Glenwood Springs.

There ‘s wildlife to be seen, but it’s not often that you have the camera ready and can get off a quick shot that comes out all right. This curious deer couldn’t decide whether or not to look at us or run. Fortunately, he held still long enough for me to grab the shot.
Wide canyon
For mile after mile after departing Granby, Colorado, the Zephyr runs along the Colorado River through spectacular canyons. The next day, the train crosses the Sierra Nevada range by way of Donner Pass. By any measurement, the spectacular views on this route makes the California Zephyr Amtrak’s most scenic ride … at least in my opinion.