Get Thee Behind My Behind, Satan!

It was tolerated if not amusing for 29 years. And it’s also taken on a life of its own. And that is the traditional mooning of Amtrak trains which was started way back in 1980 by a relative handful of people. Since then, and for reasons unknown (to me, anyway), the second Saturday in July has become Moon Amtrak Day in and around Orange County in Southern California.

As more and more people have joined in the fun, there have been more and more activities that, predictably, have gone beyond fun … such as drunkenness and public urination.

That has prompted officials in at least one town, Laguna Niguel, to consider legislation banning the whole thing. When last heard from, however, the town council has decided, albeit grumpily, that any attempted ban would undoubtedly result in far more problems that looking the other way.

Considering the size of many of the participating posteriors, that is no doubt the best possible course of action