Are You Sick of Winter Yet?

The arrival of Daylight Savings Time is normally a sure sign of Spring. Not this year … at least not in much of the Midwest, which has been hit by another huge snowstorm.

CNN reports this morning that the Cleveland airport, Hopkins International, was buried in snow yesterday and had to shut down altogether. Hopkins reopened today, but a bunch of flights have either been delayed or cancelled, which means a great big bunch of people have either been inconvenienced or are still camped out on the floor at the airport.

Similar problems have affected other airports all over the area. And roads and highways are a mess, too, of course.

To see how Amtrak might have been affected by the storm, I checked the status of the Lake Shore Limited, which left New York City Friday morning bound for Chicago. It passed through Cleveland during the height of the storm, but was only two hours late into Chicago yesterday. Pretty good, all things considered.

The fact is, when there are weather problems, you’re much more likely to get there by train than by plane or car. One more reason (all together now) to take the train!