An Amtrak Innovation Whose Time Has Come.

A few years back, a trip from Paris to London on the Eurostar was all but spoiled by a 40ish Brit yammering away about some business deal for the better part of an hour on his cell phone. That happens everywhere these days … but not in one of Amtrak’s quiet cars.

One or two cars on many of Amtrak’s eastern trains – and some in the Midwest, too – are so designated and they are an absolute delight. Quiet means exactly that: no cell phone calls permitted and only very quiet conversations between passengers. And those rules are ruthlessly enforced by regular quiet car passengers, who will shush! any violators and, if ignored, will quickly seek out a conductor to crack down on inconsiderate offenders with real authority.

If you’re going to be traveling on one of Amtrak’s short-haul trains, ask if the consist will include a quiet car when you book. But remember that seats there are first-come-first-served. My advice? Grab one of those seats even if it means running over little old ladies on the platform to do it!

By the way, I note that Google says this is my 600th post on this site. Whew!!