Google Is Out To Get Me. No … Really. I’m Serious.

For almost five years, the Google template I’ve been using for this blog has worked out. It’s very basic; there’s nothing particularly creative about it; but it’s served its purpose: It’s been … functional.

But lately, the Google gremlins have been coming after me. Copy composed on another page comes out weirdly different when pasted onto the blogspot template. Not all of it, mind you … three paragraphs will be fine, but one will have been transformed into a different font and a different size. Or one paragraph will be double-speced. Or there will be three or four lines of empty space below one of the photographs. The little glitches vary, but they all have one thing in common: there’s no way to correct them on the page where the posts are composed.

More recently that little photograph of me has disappeared and has been replaced by a tiny blue question mark. Now what the hell is that supposed to mean?? The photo reappeared on one of the posts a week or so ago, but last time I looked it was gone again. I’m wearing a Red Sox cap in the photo. Maybe one of the Google techies is a Yankee fan.

It bothers me a lot. And it’s driving me nuts because it doesn’t happen all the time. Still, I can just imagine some of you out there: “Well, gee … today’s post is kind of interesting, but this Loomis guy must not give a damn about what his blog looks like!”

I think I’ll prepare some kind of disclaimer to slap on at the bottom of every post. It’ll start out “For no apparent reason … “