Annual Visit to Fenway Park is a Roll of the Dice, Weather-wise.

Over the years, my visits to Boston to see the Red Sox play has morphed from an occasional treat to an annual event. As soon as the NARP* Spring meeting schedule is announced, I check the Red Sox schedule to see where they’ll be playing and start laying plans. Most of the time seeing a Red Sox game in Fenway Park is great fun; occasionally it’s not. Meaning cold. Or rain. Or both. New Englanders love to say, “If you don’t like the weather here, wait a minute.”
In 20 minutes or so, I’m going to be heading off to the ballpark. As I write this, it’s clear, about 50 degrees, and there are very light winds. Not bad. I can live with that. The game last night was played under similar conditions. Perhaps a bit warmer. Tomorrow, the weather service predicts, will be somewhat warmer than yesterday. But there’s a 20% chance of rain.

According to a local sportswriter, the game two nights ago should be ranked in the top three or four of the most miserable games in the 101-year history of Fenway Park. A slight exaggeration … maybe. First it was cold: 46 at game time and 39 when it all ended some five hours later, well past midnight. It also rained throughout the entire game, just hard enough to be miserable, but not hard enough for the umpires to postpone the game. And there was wind, blowing that icy rain right into the faces of everyone sitting on the first base side. (That’s where my seats are for the next two nights.) But there’s more. The Red Sox fell behind early, eventually losing the game 13-0. Finally, in the 8th inning, the rain increased, prompting a one-hour rain delay. Now THAT is a monumentally miserable experience! 

Don’t let anyone tell you that Spring has sprung when it’s April in New England. It’s a crap shoot at best and more often than not it’s going to be — and we’re wont  say in Hawaii — freeze-ass cold!
I could go on. But now it’s time to head for the ballpark.
Go Sox!