New Book Needs a Little Extra Help.

Working directly with Amazon in an effort to promote this new book is quite a different experience.

The secret, I have discovered, is in convincing Amazon to give your book more favorable treatment on their web site so many more people will notice it.

That makes sense, all right, but how, you ask, does one get more favorable treatment for one’s book? 

The answer, I am told, is by getting people to buy it—either the paperback or the Kindle edition—as soon as possible after the launch. The Amazon minions, you see, keep a close eye on sales figures.

They also look for reviews of each book. And if a book gets a number of positive reviews in the weeks after it’s launched, the minions give it better and more prominent placement in more popular web pages.

And so, if I may, I’d like t ask that you go to this page for a look at my new book, Travel Tales, and should you decide to buy either the  paperback or the Kindle version, a positive review in just a sentence or two will be most appreciated.

Many thanks. Mahalo and aloha.