Please Review my New Book!

A week or so ago, I told you that I’ve been working on another book. It’s called Travel Tales and it’s finally ready.

Mostly it’s stories about my travels over the past 30-plus years—about the places I’ve seen and the trains that took me there. But there’s also a fair amount that deals with specific incidents and events that I really think anyone will find interesting. For instance . . . 

* Riding for five hours with the engineer in the “head end” of Amtrak’s Empire Builder

* Crossing the border from Austria into Hungary by train—  once before the Iron Curtain came down and once afterwards.

* Spending a few hours wandering around in Alice Springs during   the ride from Darwin to Adelaide on Great Southern Railway’s   legendary train, The Ghan.

Now I have a favor to ask of any of you who might be interested in getting this book.

The paperback version will be priced at $16.99, but for the first 2 weeks  I’ve arranged to have the E-book on sale for just $3.99. My hope is, some of you will buy it, read it, and will then take just a couple of minutes to write a one- or two-sentence review of the book for 

Amazon’s decision to aggressively promote a new book like mine is based almost entirely on how many reviews they get and how favorable those reviews are. 

I’ll have more specific information within the next few days, including a link to the Amazon page where you can leave your review of Travel Tales.

And . . . Mahalo / thanks!