The Chicken Train Is Coming Back.

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When it comes to people with problems, let us consider the residents of Churchill, a town located in Canada’s Manitoba Province.
Churchill is about 1100 miles north of Winnipeg and only 500-some miles below the arctic circle. It’s a deep water port and much of the grain grown in Manitoba and Saskatchewan provinces passes through Churchill headed for Eastern Europe. But Churchill is just about as far north as you can go . . .

. . . unless you’re on a sled being pulled by a magnificent dog team owned by Gerald Azure, a champion musher who lives in Churchill. He owns almost two dozen sled dogs and several afternoons a week, he and his wife, Jenafor, hitch up a team of these incredible animals and take visitors on dogsled rides.
You can’t drive to Churchill because no roads go that far north. You can fly—the weather and your wallet permitting—but the only practical, affordable, and usually reliable way in and out of Churchill is the train that VIA Rail runs up there from Winnipeg. Two times a week it brings tourists and just about everything else needed to sustain the people of Churchill.
But some time ago, severe flooding undermined the track in a number of places and the train can’t get through. The private company that owns the railroad line seemed overwhelmed and showed no sign of being able to make the necessary repairs. That prompted VIA to annul the train indefinitely, and that meant Churchill, a community of 1,000 souls, was . . . well, screwed.
Some were especially affected. Gerald Azure, for instance. But to feed his dogs, Gerald orders two 50-pound blocks of frozen chicken parts. Normally they come up from Winnipeg on the train.
But a week ago, came the news that OmniTRAX, owner of the rail line, has arranged for financing and, after almost two years, repairs are underway. Churchill’s steel lifeline will once again be bringing tourists and household necessities. And frozen chicken parts.