There’s a Downside to Term Limits.

There’s a very clear pecking order among all the elected officials in Washington. Basically, it’s a question of seniority and the bottom rung of that particular ladder is occupied by any newly-elected member of the House.
Many of the folks who arrive in Washington to assume their duties are at least a little impressed with themselves. Very often they bring loyal campaign workers who have been rewarded with jobs on the newbie’s staff. These are the people who flounder and can be quickly overwhelmed.
Even with someone competent and experienced running things, it takes many months before members of Congress really know what they’re doing. Some never do because they just aren’t willing or able to put in the necessary time and effort.
A three-term limit, or a total of six years for someone elected to the House, would mean that Congress would pretty much be run by paid staff people, and not so much by the men and women we elect to represent us.
Term Limits would also reduce the number of qualified people willing to run for federal office in the first place. Would you? After putting in the hard work to acquire skills and experience, would you run for Congress at age 42 if you knew that–best case scenario–you would be unemployed at age 48?

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