Wow! What a Ride!

Deep down I always felt that adding a dozen days to my Washington trip to see and ride The Little Yelllow Train was a real stretch. And, yes, I know I’m fresh off the experience and pumped up, but it WAS worth it!
The rail strike screwed up my day after the ride and I didn’t get to the hotel here in Toulouse until late, so I’m just going to post a few photos and call it a night. I will say that the rail line–single track except at the few stations along the way–was hacked out of the sides of some of the most forbidding don’t-look-down terrain imaginable. It also features a railroad suspension bridge and I can’t imagine there are one than a very few of thise–if any–elsewhere in the world.




 I must also add that there is a movement here protesting what seems to be a serious proposal by the SNCF to shut down this incredible rail line. I came across a little bistro in La Tour de Carol today selling T-shirts proclaiming “JE DÉFENDS LE TRAIN JAUNE” and you’re damn right I bought one!