Across Australia by Train.

Somehow, some way, for reasons that passeth all understanding, most of the photos I’ve taken on my travels have disappeared. They were in my computer, all in their own fileshere, how any why I do not know. I am left with a handful of shots from most of the trips and I’m pretty sure those are the ones that I included in the posts I published at the time.

I did find one file in which there were 70 or 80 shots I took 8 or 10 years ago when I rode the two transcontinental trains in Australia: the Indian Pacific (Sydney to Perth) and the Ghan (Darwin to Adelaide). Here are a few of those, taken in the Indian Pacific three-night ride.

 This gentleman arrived more than s hour before our scheduled departure from Sydney’s main railroad station. So did I. He said quite sheepishly that waiting until it was time for this train to board was much like waiting until it was time it open gifts on Christmas morning. He was exactly right.

 Refueling our locomotive in the town of Cook, which is located near the beginning of the longest stretch of straight railroad track in the world: 297 mies, straight-as-a-string!

 This was a popular gathering place during the journey and the attendant was very happy to let you run a tab.

 Nothing much in the way of scenery for many miles. so one has to ask: Where do you suppose that dirt road leads? And what will you find when you reach the end?

 End of the line for the Indian Pacific is Perth and I loved it. This was taken in King’s Park and Botanic Garden—stately, manicured, and a delightful spot to ratchet down and spend whole day. Darwin tomorrow.