We Have a Rare Chance to be Heard!

When it comes to the decision to take the Pacific Parlour Cars out of service, it’s pretty clear that the decision-makers at Amtrak have what they believe to be valid reasons and they aren’t going to change their minds.
Like you, however, I simply would like my concerns to reach someone with authority at Amtrak–someone who cares what I think and will take me seriously.
And so I asked a person with serious standing and influence with Amtrak’s top management to give me the name of someone to whom we—that is, you and I both—could express our feelings about the loss of the parlour cars.
I have been informed that we have been invited to contact Scot Naparstek, Amtrak’s Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer. He has asked that any of us wishing to express our concerns about the Pacific Parlour Cars should contact him directly.
This is a rare opportunity to speak one-on-one to a member of Amtrak’s top management. I trust it’s not necessary to suggest that we be brief, sincere and respectful in our comments.
Mr. Naparstek’s email address is scot.naparstek@amtrak.com.