Some Unforgettable Travel Experiences

I was exchanging emails the other day with a friend and the subject was unforgettable travel experiences. Whether we travel a lot and visit exotic destinations, or less often and stay close to home, we all have had travel experiences that are truly unforgettable. Here are three that I remember vividly.

The Grand Canyon is truly grand … and if you think it’s impressive during the day, just wait until you’re standing at the rim as the sun is going down!

Seeing polar bears close up from the outside platform of a tundra buggy near Churchill, Manitoba, on the shores of Hudson Bay. Two minutes earlier, I had heard the guy driving our buggy say that these bears are one of just two mammals in the world that will cunningly stalk and kill a human being. (The other is man.)
Waking up on my first morning in Tahiti, going to the window and opening the curtains, and seeing the island of Moorea in the distance across Matavai Bay. It literally took my breath away.

In some future posts, I’ll come up with more of my experiences and see if I can’t find some of the photos I took on those occasions.