Sorting Through the Air Fare Stew

Air fares are a mystery to me … or, more specifically, what prompts an airlines to suddenly come up with an amazingly low fare.

Air fares between mainland cities and Hawaii can fluctuate wildly, but here’s some good news: Beat of Hawaii is a web site that manages to sort through all those fares and report on the real bargains.

They sure got my attention one day back in November by reporting a one-way fare on American Airlines between LA and Honolulu for $104. Wow! A hundred bucks each way was a normal everyday fare back in the 60s!

That fare is no longer available, of course, but Beat of Hawaii … at … will be a great source if you have any future trips to these Islands in mind. And, of course, many of the special fares – those that do not include extras such as room and/or rental car – will work for us locals heading to the west coast or beyond.