Trip Report for Tuesday, the 24th

It’s back on board Amtrak today … well, except for the bus ride from Boston to Albany, the unfortunate result of work being done by CSX on the tracks Amtrak uses somewhere along that stretch. But, once we eventually get to Albany, it will be a comfortable sleeper from there overnight to Chicago. Chicago will be fun because it will include a brief between-trains visit with folks we met more than 20 years ago on the beach in Kailua on O’ahu.

Tomorrow afternoon I’ll connect with Amtrak’s train # 7, the Empire Builder, for the two-night trip to Seattle, another of my favorite cities. I have been known to extend my stays in Seattle just for the pleasure of dining at Assaggio, an absolutely marvelous Italian restaurant. And, indeed, I will be doing just that on this trip, also having the pleasure of the company of two favorite nieces.

Now, to wrap up the Boston experience, I can report that the weather didn’t exactly clear yesterday, but it did stop raining and the game between the Red Sox and the Arizona Diamondbacks was played. I regret to say the Sox lost a close 2-1 game … BUT it was the kind of game that true baseball fans revel in, with excellent pitching, some amazing defensive plays and a couple of game-changing moments of excruciating tension.

You know what’s really fun … every single time? It’s being part of 36,000 people all lustily singing along with Neil Diamond’s Sweet Caroline blaring from the public address system. That’s almost worth the price of admission. A Red Sox game at Fenway Park is an experience not to be missed. And I will be back next year.

OK … now … there’s that five-and-a-half hour bus ride to Albany to deal with. My loins are girded.

More to come … probably from Seattle.