Uh-oh … Comes the Rain

Name something more depressing than sitting in a coffee shop a couple of hundred yards from Fenway Park with a choice ticket to tonight’s game, watching the rain pour down.

OK, what’s more depressing is the weather report saying it could be like this for the rest of the day …meaning tonight’s Red Sox game, the last of four I’m here to see, could be cancelled.

If that should be the case, at least the baseball part of my trip will have ended on a positive note. Yesterday’s game offered plenty of examples why baseball is such a unique and complex game. An old time baseball guy, Bob Fontaine, once remarked that “baseball games are like snowflakes; no two are exactly alike.” Exactly right.

This morning over coffee and pastries at Abigayle’s B&B, I had a nice chat with two other Hawaii residents who are, coincidentally, staying here: a mother and daughter from the Island of Hawaii who are taking the college tour … checking out schools for the daughter, who is currently a high school junior. As a Boston University graduate, I sang the school’s praises, of course, and threw in some glowing words about the city itself.

Finally, and on a completely different note, this morning comes news about the passing of George Carlin who, I have little doubt, will be recognized for many years to come as someone with the rare ability to point out the absurdities and the hypocrisies of our society, using wicked humor as his weapon. There have been damn few of these giants over the years, but Carlin ranks right up there with Lenny Bruce and Mort Sahl. George Carlin will be sorely missed.