Mahalo e Aloha!

My thanks and heartfelt appreciation for the emails I’ve received over the past two days from readers of this humble blog. Your sentiments are  very much appreciated. And they help!

In response to questions asked in the roughly 200-plus emails I’ve received, we’re fine and the only damage to our place was a large branch falling from quite a nice rainbow eucalyptus tree in our pasture.  We, of course, are among the lucky ones.

There was a brush fire about a mile away from here last night and, in an abundance of caution, my wife got the two horses into our trailer and the two dogs in my car and we all spent several hours at a riding arena a couple of miles from our place.

Aftermath. This is what historic Lahaina town looks like today.

In the meantime, the death toll, almost all from Lahaina, continues to rise—the latest number is 80 with more expected. 

The Washington Post has a story today that says the folks at Hawaiian Electric were slow to shut down power to the Lahaina area and, specifically, to the electric poles that were blown down by the high winds. The gist of the story is that’s what caused the awful conflagration. I cannot verify that, of course, but I can say that Maui Electric, HECO’s subsidiary on this island, is known to have old equipment and any Maui resident who has lived through any of MECO’s frequent power losses would agree that is the most likely explanation for his terrible tragedy.

Again, my most sincere thanks for all the emails.