A Few Travel Photos.

I may have posted a couple of these photos before, but there will be plenty of folks out there who didn’t see them the first time. At any rate, here are a few of the half-way decent ones.

Hopefully, whatever they lack in photo quality, will be made up by interesting subject matter.

Several years ago, my wife and I took the Rocky Mountaineer on an overnight ride from Vancouver to Banff. 

We stopped for the one night en route in Kamloops where everyone left the train and  went to the hotel of their choice for dinner.

The ride itself was fine—although it seemed to me that the people who enjoyed this rather short trip the most were those in the group who had never done much train travel and had not spent any time in mountains.

There were a few delays with the result that we arrived in Banff well after dark.  When I arose the next morning and raised the shade, this was the view that greeted me . . . a Big WOW!

I spent a couple of nights in Copenhagen on my way to Oslo and a weekend visit with the Norwegian couple I had met on my train ride across Russia.

I stayed at quite a nice hotel that was just a few blocks from the main railway station. Of course I strolled over to check it out and . . . WOW! Hundreds . . . No, probably thousands of bicycles belonging to people who stashed their bikes at the station before taking a train for another location in the city or to one of the suburbs for a job or to a university.

This is the view from the dome on the last car on VIA Rail’s wonderful train, the Canadian. It operates two times a week in each direction between Vancouver and Toronto. We are on a siding at the moment, giving way to a Canadian National freight heading East.Need I say it’s well worth doing?

Two hours before departure from the Sydney railway station, the Indian Pacific gets its windows washed. They will be washed two more times before we arrive in Perth three nights from now.

After arriving in Perth, I flew up to Darwin and took the north-south train, The Ghan, to Adelaide. A few hours out of Darwin, there was a P.A. announcement to look sharp because we wee about to cross the Fink river.  Sure enough! A few minutes later, there it was . . . bone dry! I checked the encyclopedia when I got home and the Fink is described as “a major intermittent river in Australia.” (My emphasis)

More photos next time.