On the Road Again.

It was a spur-of-the-moment thing—probably because I got an email saying that one of my friends is going—but I’ve decided to attend the meeting of the Rail Passengers Association next month in Washington.

(Well, actually, it will be in Alexandria, Virginia, which is fine with me because it cuts the hotel rates about in half. Alexandria is a charming little city with a lot of interesting buildings, some dating back to George Washington’s time.)

This will be the first meeting we’ve had in a couple of years and it will be nice to see a good many of my friends again . . . friends I haven’t seen in a couple of years, thanks to this damn pandemic. A couple of meetings had been scheduled, but then cancelled because of the virus-that-will-not-go-away.

Coincidentally, I read in today’s paper that a convoy of truckers is forming in California. They’re intending to drive across the country all the way to Washington where they will stage a demonstration to officially protest the mandatory mask requirement which, as far as I can tell, no longer exists in most areas. Crazy and stupid is an unfortunate combination that can, with a core of meanness, bring about events like a year ago January

I’m taking Amtrak across the country in both directions: the Southwest Chief eastbound, connecting in Chicago with the Lake Shore Limited to New York where I will transfer to an Acela for the run down to Washington. And, yes, both the Cardinal and the Capitol Limited were sold out.

I did get space on the Capitol Limited for my return to Chicago—regrettably the Cardinal was sold out again. I have a couple of meetings scheduled in Chicago and the next day will be on the Empire Builder for the ride to Seattle. Hawaiian Airlines will take me home to Maui from there.

Hopefully Amtrak will come through with nice rides and decent food in the dining cars. Let’s face it, you can find something good about almost any train ride.  And, the Builder is a wonderful scenic ride . . . probably my favorite after the Zephyr.

And, yes . . . I’m easy.