Photos from the Train.

I know it must seem obvious, but one of the reasons for taking a long distance train is to look out the window and see the country. And while there’s always time to chat with your seat mate or read a book or nap for a bit, the real show is going on right outside your window.

I have posted at least one lf these before, but I expect that they will be new to most people, so here goes . . .

Are we into Wind Power? Yes, and in a big way. This photo was taken from Amtrak’s Train 2, the eastbound Sunset Limited near Palm Springs, California.

This shot was taken from Amtrak’s Train #1, the westbound Sunset Limited as we crossed the high bridge over the Pecos River.

This is a view of the entire bridge. How high? It’s 273 feet down to the river. And how wide? It’s 1,310 feet across. And yes, I get a little queasy each time.

This is the platform at the train station in Churchill, Manitoba. It’s 1100 miles north of Winnipeg, 600 miles south of the arctic Circle and, as you can tell from the photo, it was freeze-ass cold. I was in Churchill to see polar bears in the wild, but I must say, as thrilling as it was to see those bears, I loved the two-night ride up and back on VIA Rail’s train, The Hudson Bay.

Believe it or not, there are people riding these long-distance trains who sit there all day reading a book. Yes, indeed . . . it takes all kinds!