To Pack or Not to Pack!

“There are only two kinds of travelers: those who are traveling light and those who wish they were.”

Travel guru Rick Steves said that. I have used this quote before and I have no doubt that I will do it again. Because he nailed it!

Over-packing is the most common mistake travelers make. Make it a rule: Man or woman, pack only the things you’ll need for six days. Everything should be washable and quick drying.

When flying, the following items should be carried in a back pack or shoulder bag and never left in a checked bag:

  • your laptop 
  • your passport
  • other original travel documents
  • all prescription medications 

Once your plane lands and while you’re touring, it’s OK to transport your laptop and the main supply of medications in your suitcase . . . but only if you don’t have to check it.

Always have with you and in a safe place, a color photocopy of the page in your passport with your photo.

This is not a legal substitute of the corresponding page in your actual passport, but it will probably be sufficient to convince authorities that you do have a valid passport and are who you say you are.

And, finally, if you have a serious medical issue that could be a problem somewhere along the way, ask your doctor to write a brief summary of your condition that would be helpful should you need medical attention while traveling.