When in Rome . . . or Paris . . . or Copenhagen . . .

One of the things I enjoy most about foreign travel is observing how things are done differently in other countries.

However, when confronted by these differences, I do think most Americans make note that it’s different without wondering why it’s different.

I have always wondered why American tourists haven’t come back from visits to France or Germany or Spain or Japan or China and said, “Hey! How come we don’t do more to accommodate people who don’t own a car?”

You want to go from Point A to Point B within the City of Paris? Here you go.
This is the main railway station in Copenhagen.

Or, if you have to get to where you’re going by train, just peddle to the train station, stash your bike and take the train. There are local trains that travel 20 miles per hour and intercity trains that run at 200 miles an hour.

Fast. Convenient. Frequent. And safe. What’s not to like about that?