Questions from Folks Sick of this Damn Pandemic.

Q:  I’m getting my second vaccine shot in ten days. Will I be able to travel safely then? (Wondering about“vaccine shot” . . . Is that a redundancy?)

A:  As far as I’ve been able to find out, yes . . . probably! . . . you can travel after you have completed your shot regimen. The  real issue, it seems me, will be whether or not the authorities you may run into along the way will need to see proof and in what form that poof will be acceptable. It still feels like a crapshoot

Q:  What are the chances that Amtrak will go back to a traditional dining car service?

A:  Somewhere between slim and none, I’d say, although I have no doubt that Amtrak is under some serious pressure to restore dining car service to the long-distance trains. For me, this is THE issue because it is the aspect of long-distance train travel that, for me, has been the most interesting and the most enjoyable.

Q: What’s a good, safe bet about when European trains will be back to ‘normal’?

A: There are only educated guesses . . . no “good” or “safe” ones. And they will vary from country to country since some countries are locked down while other have opened to varying degrees.

Q: When are you personally thinking about travel (a) nationally and (b) internationally?

A: Subject to change, of course, but as of today, (a) late July and (b) early October. Et bonne chance à tout le monde.