I’ve Finally Hit the Wall!

I know, I know. You’re itching to travel. That’s what you do for pleasure and for fun, and not being able to do your “thing” is making you crazy.

Well, it’s driving me up the wall, too. 

Furthermore, by the time everything is back to . . . well . . . to normal, I’m worried about what “normal” will look like.  

For instance, will the brain trust at Amtrak go back to daily trains on the long-distance routes?

And will they give up on the so-called “contemporary dining” and allow us to sit four-to-a-table in the dining car and meet fellow passengers while we partake of food prepared on board?

The truth: It’s getting to the point that I don’t give a damn. Once I’ve had my shots . . . even if trains are still running only three times a week . . . even if dinner still comes in a cardboard box . . . if Amtrak will let me take off the damn mask in my roomette . . . and if the Brits and the French and the Canadians will let me in, I’m ready to book!

Whaddaya think? Early October maybe . . . assuming my wife says it’s OK?