Running Out of Patience!

Hawaii residents travel a lot . . . certainly more miles on average than mainland people. I’d guess that I’ve averaged between two and three trips a year for the past 40 years. And it’s pretty clear that travel—especially train travel—is my favorite thing to do.

In recent years, much of my travel has begun with the semi-annual meetings of the Rail Passengers Association. Of course I use those events as an excuse to tack on a week or so.  

“But, Poll, I’ve got to be in Washington for the RPA meeting anyway and I’ll already be more than halfway to France.” (A carefully pitched vocal tone–almost, but not quite a whine– is important .)

Then came COVID-19 and all that changed. But it’s been a year and people are starting to think about resuming their travel plans. Of course they‘re being encouraged by the airlines and the cruise ships and the hotel chains. They’re all offering discounts and other inducements creating ihe impression that the travel industry is returning to normal.

Christopher Elliott, who is about the most knowledgable and most objective travel expert I know, calls B.S. on those travel industry executives. He thinks we won’t be truly out of the woods with this damn pandemic for another full year—maybe even the middle of 2022.

In the meantime, those of us who love to travel have to put off our travel plans because of the people who refuse to wear masks. For them, it’s supposed to be some kind of political statement. The trouble is, their “freedom” can cause the death of a friend or a neighbor. We have to stop tolerating this kind of arrogance and stupidity.