Big is Small at Buc-ee’s.

There is a company in Texas that calls itself a convenience store. The name of this outfit is Buc-ee’s, which is guess is a weird spelling of what you and I would probably write as Bucky’s.

But what do we know?

Anyway, Buc-ee’s has 36 locations, all but one in Texas. And they have figured out how they can always be convenient . . . how you will never have to wait to get your fill-up. You see, a typical Buc-ee’s location  . . . 

. . . has as many as 150 gas pumps. And, if you feel the need for a snack to tide you over, well . . .

Buc-ee’s Snack Wall has got you covered.

We have convenience stores here in Hawaii, although on a somewhat smaller scale. There’s one about a mile up the hill from us—Hanzawa store. They have two pumps, so occasionally you have to wait.

Personally, that’s OK with me.