Back in Business.

My thanks to the surprising number of folks who emailed me about the problems that essentially froze this site for the past two days. I spent hours—and I literally mean 4-to-5 hours—both on line and on the phone—trying to locate someone to find and fix the problem. 

Meanwhile, this kolea (Pacific golden plover) has spent the past six months devouring bugs in our pasture. These aren’t big birds, but every year they make the roundtrip from here to their summer home in Alaska. That means flying non-stop over 3,000-miles of open ocean at altitudes up to 20,000 feet. And, according to the ornithologists, this is probably the very same bird that was in our pasture last winter. Somehow he finds us and somehow he knows when all the other kolea wintering in these islands are ready to head back to Alaska for the summer. Isn’t Nature astonishing!.