Some Thoughts and Concerns.

Train tunnels under the Hudson River are now 110 years old.

Hudson River Tunnels Project.  I’m preparing a whole post on this subject because it’s certainly one of the most important infrastructure projects being planned anywhere in the country. These are the only two tunnels for hundreds of trains bringing many thousands of commuters and tourists in and out of Manhattan every day. The project was ready to go, but has stalled because President Trump thinks the federal government was paying too large a share of the cost. (What if we offered to put his name on every train ticket sold? The big babooze would go for that!) My blog, my opinion!

Train Station ReHab. If there’s an Amtrak station in your town, but it’s no longer staffed or has been abandoned, Rail Passengers Association knows what can be done to repair, restore and re-staff it. Click here for info.


Hablas español, Julie? Are Spanish speakers able to call Amtrak and get information from a Spanish-speaking version of Julie? And if not, why not? How hard could it be?


Travel Insurance. I’m never sure what coverage to get or what’s a fair price to pay for it. I have noticed, however, that an annual policy is pretty much the same cost—and sometimes even less— than a policy covering a two- or three-week trip. Go figure!


Rail Passengers Association – There are other organizations that are supposedly advocates for passenger trains, but almost invariably their “meetings” consist of back-and-forth emails among a dozen cranky guys grumbling about Amtrak. RPA is an advocate for all train riders, and has taken relevant rail issues all the way to the U.S. Supreme Court . . . and won! Please consider joining because every new member boosts our political influence. There is information on how to go about it just below this column. We need you. Do it!