Memorable Travel Experiences.

This list is totally subjective and is presented in no particular order. And, of course, an experience can be memorable for me, but of no particular significance to you. That said, I’ll post  six today and another six the next time. I’ll add a paragraph or two for each one just to expand a bit on what it was that made each one memorable.

Hungary.  Seeing an incredible display of traditional horsemanship by Hungarian cowboys (csicos, pronounced CHEE-kosh) on thepuzsta, Hungary’s great plain.

Russia.  Walking out onto the vast expanse of Red Square in Moscow at night, with Lenin’s tomb illuminated on the far side. 

United States.  Riding for five hours in the “head end” of Amtrak’s Empire Builder from Milwaukee, Wisconsin, to Winona, Minnesota. Research for my book. A rare privilege still. 

Canada.  Two 1000-pound polar bear cubs tussling in the snow. I’m took this photo from the safety of a tundra buggy. To see these bears, take VIA Rail from Winnipeg, Manitoba, 1,100 miles north to Churchill on the shores of Hudson Bay in late October.

England.  Wandering through “The War Room” in London. Underground offices where Winston Churchill directed the war with Germany during the Battle of Britain in 1941. 

Austria.  Witnessing a performance of the magnificent While Horses of Vienna, and from seats in the Mayor’s box, no less.

Six more next time.