Still Struggling with WordPress.

As some of you know, several weeks ago, I impulsively clicked on a button that would give me the newest version of WordPress, the program that I had been using for many years to post on this blog.

The trouble is, the new version is very, very different from the version I had been using for more than a thousand posts. 

How different? Well, for reasons I haven’t been able to figure out, this new version of WordPress won’t allow me to post photos . . . and isn’t that ridiculous for a travel-related web site! Clearly, I’m doing something wrong, but what?

During my recent trip to Europe, I made an arrangement with a young woman who lives here on Maui. She’s proficient with WordPress and I would send her an email containing text and photos for the next post. Then she would produce the finished version. She also agreed, after I got home, to tutor me in the basics of the new version of WordPress. I’m back now, but—alas!—now she’s away and consequently my WordPress tutorials have been postponed.

Eventually this will get straightened out. In the meantime, I’m limited to text only and even that is a mess because, at least on my computer screen, there is no space between paragraphs. It looks terrible and–to my old eyeballs, anyway–it’s harder to read. The thing is. some of you have reported that there ARE spac between paragraphs on your screens.

In the meantime, my tutor will be back in a week, so please bear with me.