A Green Light into the UK.

LONDON—I am traveling with a good friend of mine from the Rail Passengers Association and both Bruce and I noted with some surprise yesterday that we dealt with no human being during the process of entering this country. We slid out passports into a machine, stared into a camera, and we’re admitted into the U.K. by a green light the size of a silver dollar.  

From there, signs directed us to Baggage Claim and then to “Customs and Immigration”, but we ended up on the street without seeing another official of any kind.

The Heathrow Express (which is owned by the airport) took us into Paddington Station. That 25-minute ride was followed by three “tube” connections to a spot just three blocks from the small hotel that is to be our home for the next five days.

Bright, personable, and speaking excellent English, they can come here to work for no other reason than they want to—no work permits, no hassles. Clearly, these young people have a huge stake in the outcome of Brexit.

And for those of you who have been waiting with bated breaths, the missing tickets to Sunday’s Red Sox-Yankee game were located and delivered to my home back in Hawaii two days ago. They are now en route to me here by FedEx which is damn well how Ticketmaster should have sent them to me in the first place!

Finally, we continue to have problems with WordPress, which is the program used to post these offerings. People with knowledge and expertise are working on it and you cannot imagine how much I hope the multiple problems will soon be resolved. In the meantime, your patience and understanding are very much appreciated.