Trump wants Fox to Guard Henhouse.

This is Todd Rokita. He’s a Republican from Indiana, who served four terms in the U.S. House of Representatives. During his time in Washington, Rokita earned a reputation for being an absolutely terrible boss. 

How terrible?

Bad enough for several former staffers to do the unthinkable: criticize their boss to reporters. The resulting news story tells the world what a shit this guy is.

Furthermore, during his four terms in Congress, Rokita cast more that eight anti-Amtrak votes, including four that would have eliminated federal funding for the long-distance trains. 

Notwithstanding that—or perhaps because of it—President Donald Trump has nominated Todd Rokita to serve on the Amtrak Board of Directors. 

The Rail Passengers Association is collecting contributions to help pay for the effort to head off this latest outrage. You can go to should you choose to help support this effort.

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