Poems about Trains … for Kids.

None of us needs to be reminded that the Internet has changed things.

One of the biggest changes is how products and services are marketed. 

For instance, I am frequently approached by marketing types volunteering to submit a guest column for this site. Others want me to promote their client’s product here. As a former-now-retired advertising guy, I give at least a cursory review of whatever they’re promoting, but I rarely—very rarely—accept and use their material.

But here’s one of the rare exceptions. I’m assuming that most of you out there have young kids or grandkids and that they are at least moderately interested in trains. It’s with them in mind that I am suggesting you might want to consider Clackety Track, a nicely illustrated book of poems about trains. 

What I particularly like about this book is how, as you progress through it, the author uses the poems to explain about the different kinds of trains—passenger and freight, commuter and sleeper—but there are also a few pages of  “train facts” that somewhat older kids will find interesting.

The author is Skila Brown, the illustrations are the work of Jamey Christoph, and the publisher is Candlewick Press. If the book is not available at your local bookstore, you can order it from Amazon.