LAX to CHI on the Chief.

This will be a brief report because I have a pressing engagement in about an hour. (OK, OK … so it’s the Red Sox vs. the Mariners.)

The Chief departed Los Angeles on time, fell behind by an hour or so crossing New Mexico, but made up most of and we arrived here something like eight minutes behind schedule.

It was an excellent crew–car attendant passed my personal test by informing me he would bring by suitcase up to my roomette and then by lugging it back down the stairs when we arrived in Chicago. Without being asked. On both mornings, I found my bed put up and the room restored to daytime configuration when I returned from breakfast. Lavatories clean throughout the trip. Cheerful, friendly and efficient.

The dining car crew was also very good. Friendly, efficient and wiling to accommodate a couple of tables where people were enjoying conversation and having a second cup of coffee.

The food was good –not great– and by the time I get back to Los Angeles, I will be sick of every item on it. There really needs to be a greater selection OR different menus for different trains.

Tomorrow it’s the Cardinal to Washington, DC.