A Pox on Robo-Callers!

The Federal Communications Commission is the government agency with the authority to regulate, among other things, unwanted telephone solicitation calls. The chair of the Federal Communications Commission is a man named Ajit Pai. I’d like him to know that I got four phone calls early Friday morning. Very early. They came in at 1:17 a.m., at 1:57 a.m., at 3:07 a.m. and at 4:23 a.m. 

According to the display on my phone, the first call came from Belarus, a country between Poland and Russia. Call number two originated from the British Virgin Islands. The third call was supposedly coming from Los Angeles, but it showed a four-digit area code. The forth call showed a Hawaii area code, but I dumped it anyway. 

It’s the same two or three nights a week: four or five calls in the wee hours. Now, before I go to bed, I put the phone on “vibrate” and set it on a small pillow that’s normally on our sofa. All this so the phone won’t wake us up four or five times during the night. (Of course, that also means I won’t hear a call warning us of another missile attack by the North Koreans, but you have tothe pick your poison.)

I haven’t kept an actual count, but I’ll bet we get another four or five unsolicited calls every day. These are legitimate fund-raising calls on behalf of a variety of non-profits. But the trouble is, the unscrupulous SOBs behind these robo-calls will continue to interrupt my days without the slightest concern.

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Then there are the people who call once every few weeks to inform me that their highly sophisticated electronic equipment has detected a problem with my PC. Yesterday came a similar call with the same heavy Filipino accent, but with a new twist: I’m entitled to a $299 rebate on my PC. One small problem, guys … my computer is a Mac.

I haven’t kept an actual count, but I’d guess we get four or five scamming calls every day. And that doesn’t count the legitimate ones coming from a variety of charities, the ACLU, a number of political candidates and PACs, and the Maui Medical Group reminding me of upcoming appointments.

Let’s all call the FCC and leave a message for Ajit Pai. Let him know we’re fed up. The phone number is 888-225-5322, option 4.