Houston, I’ve Got a Problem.

The post before this one looked pretty crappy, didn’t it? That’s because the computer program I have been using to produce both text and photos here for probably the last eight or ten years is Word Press.  Periodically during that time, the brains behind Word Press made improvements which they cheerfully announced and I blissfully ignored. I was happy, comfortable with the old version, and never did update. 

Well, not until two nights ago, that is, when I asked myself, “How hard can it be?” and clicked the box marked UPDATE NOW. Within seconds I found myself in a different world. Everything is different from what I’ve been used to. The  result is, I now don’t know how to do the most basic things … not even adding space between paragraphs. The result, of course, is that each post just kooks terrible.

Please bear with me for another few days. I have located someone who will hopefully agree to give me a crash course in posting on the NEW! IMPROVED!! Word Press.

In the meantime, should anything pop up that needs pounding down, I’ll post something . . . even if it looks terrible.

Thanks for your patience.