Five Photos from Five Train Rides.

I’ve been trying for several days to bring some order to the mishmash of photos that are stored helter-skelter in my desktop. To my everlasting regret, most of the photos I took on my 2011 trip to Russia are among the missing. I continue to hold onto hope that they are somewhere in the electronic bowels of the computer and will eventually turn up. In the meantime, here are a few shots I came across that brought back some wonderful memories.

 This photo was taken from the Sunset Limited crossing the very high bridge over the Pecos River in Texas. It’s quite true that West Texas seems to go on and on forever and ever, but I’ve always found it to be an enjoyable and relaxing ride.

 One of the great pleasures on VIA Rail’s incomparable train, The Canadian, running between Toronto and Vancouver, is spending time in the dome that’s the featured attraction on the bullet-ended Park car that always brings up the rear on these trains. Directly below the dome on the lower level, there’s a lounge area with an attendant who will be very glad to prepare the beverage of your choice and run a tab for you, too. Alas—and this is really my only complaint about this iconic train—Canadian law will not allow them to serve a Bloody Mary before 10:00 in the morning!

 This photo was taken from the southbound Coast Starlight as it descends into San Luis Obispo. I believe that highway far below is US-101.

 Now we’re aboard the northbound Coast Starlight passing through the spectacular horseshoe curve that comes about 15-20 minutes after departing San Luis Obispo. Somewhere in my files I have a better shot taken perhaps a dozen years ago. On that occasion, I left my roomette and went to the last car on the train to get a shot of almost the entire train on the curve.

 This was not shot from the train, but is one of several amazing rock formations in Arches National Park while driving to connect with the California Zephyr at Grand Junction, Colorado. It’s quite appropriate that the several amazing arches get most of the publicity, but I personally thought that these huge, majestic figures deserved equal billing.
And people wonder why I travel by train!