A Few Rules for Foreign Travel.

There are a few circumstances and situations that may occur when traveling—especially foreign travel— for which there are rules that should never be broken or bent.
Rule No. 1: Don’t pack anything in your checked bag that you cannot do without for 24 hours. Most especially, this means prescription medications. If you’ve ever tried getting a prescription filled in a small French village, you’ll know what I mean. With the language barrier and what could be a big time difference between where you are and where your hometown pharmacist is . . . trust me, it can be a nightmare. Meanwhile, all your original prescriptions are in a suitcase that was mistagged and is now on its way to Addis Ababa.
Rule No. 2: Do not let yourself be rushed when going through Security at the airport. Your instinct is to hurry because you don’t want to hold up people coming behind you. Be careful and methodical. Do not rush! That’s when mistakes happen.
Rule No. 3: Carry at least two copies of your complete itinerary with all the correct phone numbers and street addresses. One is for your carry-on bag, the other is in your suitcase. And—I learned this the hard way—be sure they’re printed in a typeface large enough you can read without your reading glasses.
Rule No. 4: Be sure to have a sheet of paper in your wallet listing all the medications you’re taking with the correct dosages. Also include an explanation of any medical issues you may have and include the name and office telephone number for the doctors who are treating you.
Rule No. 5: When you’re lost or you aren’t sure which is your train or something goes wrong and you haven’t been able to figure it out, don’t mess around. Ask for help!