Let’s All Refuse Any New Updates.

For many weeks, my desktop computer had been telling me that I should update to the latest version of whatever the hell it is that’s running things inside that mysterious little box. And so I finally did.
Big damn mistake!
Nothing worked the same way anymore. When I turned the computer on the next morning, only the top half of my dock was visible at the bottom of the monitor and the tabs (is that what you call them?) that used to run across the top of the screen–you know, like the little apple in the upper lefthand corner–they had all disappeared.
I finally figured out to go to “System Preferences” and click on a couple of things and it eventually went back to what I think of as normal … that is, until the next time I shut down and started up again the next morning.
The trouble is, all this stuff is designed by 25-year-olds for 18-year-olds and they all speak the same language … a language that to me is unintelligible. And I hope I never run into the person who first applied the word “intuitive” to everything from a new ap to completely re-designed. It isn’t intuitive, dammit! At least not to anyone over forty. It’s gibberish. It makes no sense.
The harsh reality is that people like me—meaning old, impatient and unwilling to learn—have, at best, a like/hate relationship with their computer. I do recommend dealing openly and candidly with your techie because his goodwill is essential. That’s because no more than 90 days after a mess like mine is cleaned up, the evil bastards at Apple will have another update for me to install, the main “improvement” of which will invariably be that every font will now be one point smaller than the previous version.