It’s Obvious: Climate Change Is Real.

Fifty-some years ago, when I was on staff at Honolulu’s superb art museum, I passed one of the curators in a hallway and casually said, “How’s it going, Lew?” His face darkened and he growled, “OK, I guess … considering it’s another one of these god damn beautiful days!” Poor guy. He was from Minnesota and he missed the change of seasons.
Our weather really was different then. On a typical afternoon in Honolulu, the temperature would be 85 degrees and we’d have a 10 mph breeze out of the northeast. It was pretty much the same day after day from April through November. That’s when it cooled off a bit and rained a little more. And then it was April again.
But now we’re getting a lot more rain than what has always been considered normal here. My wife said there were only two or three dry days the month I was away. And a couple   rainstorm: 27 inches in 24 hours! Lots of damage and loss of crops.
There was not one, but three nor’easters in New England this year and California is in its third year of drought. As potentially disastrous as that is, it can’t compare with Cape Town in South Africa. That city, with a population of more than 3.5 million people, is in imminent danger of actually running out of water altogether.
Every where you go—whether it’s Hawaii or New England or France or South Africa—if you ask locals about the weather, they will say it is changing, often dramatically, and not for the better.
My point is simply that we can’t waste time arguing with the politicians who deny climate change. We have to do whatever we can to frustrate and obstruct them until we can boot their ignorant, useless, sorry asses out of public office.