Denver to Davis Ride a Delight.

 Leaving Denver, with windows sparkling clean, the Zephyr climbs a total of just about 4,000 feet, from mile-high Denver to the highest point on its route, which happens to be a spot inside the Moffat tunnel just a bit more than 9200 feet above sea level. Before the tunnel was built, trains on the old rail line had to climb an additional two thousand feet which took an extra four hours.
As is usual for these long-distance train trips, I have already had some interesting conversations over meals in the Zephyr’s dining car. Last night it was an attractive 50ish women who is a financial advisor, but is also regularly called as an expert witness when there is a legal dispute involving division of property. Her card says “Fraud and Forensic Examinations”. Impressive.
This morning I shared a table with a man about sixty who looked up when I sat down, then pointed at his ears and shook his head, indicating that he was deaf. After a couple of minutes in awkward silence, I asked the server for a pad of paper and I scribbled “How did you sleep last night?” He hesitated for a moment, then grinned. Grabbing the paper and pencil, he scrawled “Lousy, thanks! (since 1975)”. What followed was one of the more interesting and enjoyable “conversations” that lasted all the way into Denver.
Quite a few deer and elk spotted from the train and one woman claimed very convincingly that she had seen a brown bear. Gorgeous weather, with or without the sightings. Tomorrow: the Napa Valley Wine Train.