Winter Comes to Hawaii.

 Over on the Island of Hawaii, universally known here simply as The Big Island, they’ve had the first snowfall of the year. Of course, it was raining almost everywhere else, but the two dominant peaks, Mauna Loa and Mauna Kea, each got what I’m told is close to a foot of snow at their summits. This is not unusual. After all, the ancient Hawaiians named this volcano Mauna Kea, which means “White Mountain”. It rises 13,796 feet above sea level; Mauna Loa is just 118 feet less than that. Beautiful, isn’t it!

 And where else but in Hawaii would someone climb into their pickup truck, drive for at least two hours from sea level up to an elevation of nearly 14,000 feet, spend an hour or so shoveling snow into the truck bed, then drive home, so their kids can pelt each other with snowballs until it all melts?