I’ve Got to Lighten My Load a Bit.

I started this “Trains and Travel” blog almost ten years ago and since then have churned out 2,135 posts. As more and more people found this site, I began feeling compelled to generate a new post almost every day.
But the truth is I’m getting too damn old and tired to come up with six or seven new posts a week that are worthy of your time. Worse yet, I fear the quality of the writing may have started to slip and that’s just not acceptable.
And so I’ve resolved to cut back to three, possibly four, posts each week. The focus will continue to be mostly on travel—train travel in particular—but I suspect that once in a while I’ll give vent to my personal political opinions. Just skip over those posts if you don’t agree, but it’s therapy for me.
I do understand that having to check this site repeatedly to see if there’s a new post is very annoying. So if you haven’t done so already, click on this RSS icon.

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Thanks very much.