Amtrak Gets a New Boss … Again!

Here we go again! The news broke today that Amtrak’s president and CEO, Wick Moorman, will be stepping down at the end of the year. His successor will be Richard Anderson, who is CEO of Delta Airlines. 
Moorman and Anderson will serve as joint CEOs until the end of the year when Moorman will presumably move on into full-time retirement.
It should be noted that Moorman originally signed on with the understanding that he would be a short-timer and that part of his job description was to assist the Amtrak board in finding a successor.
For what it’s worth—and to me it’s worth a lot—NARP’s President and CEO Jim Mathews gives Anderson very high marks.
OK . . . I’m off to the airport on my way to Minneapolis and the NARP Board of Directors annual retreat. More to come as time permits.